Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome to Photography of the Hills

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my new blog! While this is a companion to my nature blog, it will focus primarily on photos and photography.

As I mentioned over on my other blog, we will be heading off to Michigan for vacation soon. Here are some photos from previous trips up north. Enjoy!


Meg said...

Well, I just LOVE your new blog! And have a grrreat time on your Michigan vacation. We used to go to Sleeping Bear Dunes with the kids. And one year we did Pictured Rocks. I love the Great Lakes even more than the ocean. Can't wait to see your images from this year!
: ) Meg

Heather said...

Hi Meg! So glad you were my first commenter. Glad you like it here. We went to Pictured Rocks one year, but we didn't do the boat ride thing, just walked along the trails. Michigan certainly has a special beauty about it (not that I don't love Ohio!).

Kelly said...

Love your new site...and I'm your first follower, which is really cool (and apropos, as you were the first non-friend/non-family member to follow Red)! I love the design. I know your site will be creative and inspirational. Can't wait to see your photos!

Heather said...

Yay, I has a follower! Thanks for being the first! Funny, we're reading each other's sites at the same time (just left a comment over on your blog). Thanks for the encouragement. I'll need it for keeping up 2 blogs!

BrainWorker said...

Hello, Heather :-)
My name is Sergey. I am nature photographer from Russia :-)

Well, I wanted some advice and critics? You'll get it :-)

Well I think that B/W photo is better fot portraits, not nature. B/W photo is usually used to outline figure, highlight egdes of something or someone. Beauty of nature is in its numerous colors and tints. Of course, there are moments that are ideal for representing in B/W (when we want to outline something), for example old tree with unbelivable curved roots or branches) but more often picture will look better in color.

So, in third photo there are rocks under water, right? Maybe upload color photo as well to compare, just like three photos below.


As I said, I am russian nature photo hunter. In my blog I write news, remarks, thoughts about my photo gallery

So welcome.

P.S. Unfortunately sometime my gallery is not working, and photos can not to loaded, because actually they are loaded from external source - my gallery.
But I am gonna fix that in near future.

P.P.S. I hope my english is good enough to understand me :-)

Heather said...

Hello Sergey - Welcome, and that you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. I happen to be very fond of B/W for nature photography. I think it works best when the subject has high contrast to begin with, which is not really the case with the rocks under water, but I was just experimenting. And I agree, the colors of nature deserve to be shown for what they are, but sometimes I like to take away the color in order to draw more attention to texture or shape. In this case, I was trying to drawing the eye to the ripples in the water. You bring up very good points, though, so thank you!

I look forward to seeing your gallery.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm new to your blogs but I like your photos very much. Especially I like the way you make those 'simple' subjects like the leaf on the first photo into beautiful masterpieces.
I'll look forward to seing more of your photos.

Candace said...

What a lovely leaf! Nice to see the new blog...keep the photos coming :)

Heather said...

Aluajala - Thank you so much for your nice comments.

Candace - Thanks for stopping by. That leaf shot is one of my all-time faves.