Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thunder and flowers

As storm clouds rolled in one recent evening, I decided to grab my camera and my polarizing filter to see if I could get any interesting shots. Here's what I came up with. Composition could use a lot of work, but I was somewhat limited in how I could put things together because I basically had hillside on either side of me here, so I had to hold the camera below the flower (instead of level with it) to get the sky in the shot.

The one on the left is the original; the one on the right had some tint adjustments made.


Crop, version 1

Crop, version 2

These 2 photos are shown exactly as they came out of the camera.

Flash was used on all of these photos. I tried to get a few without the flash, but it just wasn't possible.


Kelly said...

...those last two are really dramatic, especially the Butterfly Weed!

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment Kelly!