Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in review

I decided to go through my archives and pick one photo from each month of this year to show as a round-up/review kind of thing. I tried my best to pick images that I haven't shown before, but a few here and there were part of collages over on my other blog.

One thing I learned while going through folders of images is that there were some months where I really didn't do much with the camera. May, July, October, November - all months where I struggled to find a good image to share.

January '09 - empty peanut feeder

February '09 - porch swing detail

March '09 - shepherd's hook in dew and fog (detail)

April '09 - Tools

May '09 - Too hot and tired to move

June '09 - box turtle shell remnant

July '09 - extreme close-up of hummingbird identification bands

August '09 - Sycamore leaf

September '09 - Lift off! (Great Blue Heron)

October '09 - early autumn woodland sunset

November '09 - Oak leaves in the lightbox.

December '09 - Aspen tree trunk fragment (detail)

Here's to 2010 - a new year, full of new photographic opportunities and explorations!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


From the photo archives, February 2007

Monday, December 7, 2009

In anticipation

snow and ice storm, January 2009

We have finally had our first taste of snow in southeast Ohio. We had some light accumulation on Saturday, most of which has since melted, and we had some very light flurries today. The snow and ice accumulation which produced the above image kept us stuck at home for several days, as our driveway and the rural roads were impassable for some time. That's okay, though, because when the weather gets that bad, I just want to stay home and play in the snow anyway!