Friday, April 2, 2010

Through a window

The Picture Spring prompt for today was about photographing a morning ritual, but by the time I received the email with the prompt, I was already at work, and I didn't want to show work as a morning ritual, so I'll have to try that one tomorrow.

I did, however, want to post a photo today, so I tried taking shots of something that I had previously framed in my mind earlier in the week.

This is a house across the street from my office building. Interestingly, this is the only shot I took cropped in this close (and I even cropped it a little further with Picasa). All of the other shots included much more of the window and the outside view. I really like this image because it has a much more intimate feel than the other 16 shots I took, and because it's the most unconventional of them all.  Just a note that the frame around the subject is not something I created - it's naturally part of the window frame.  Also, the waviness of the old glass in this window gives a certain quirkiness to the image.

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