Thursday, April 1, 2010

New projects, new beginnings

The face behind the camera.

This is a month of new beginnings for me! I'm participating in a photo-a-day project called Picture Spring hosted at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  As a result, I'll be posting a new photo per day for the entire month of April!

I'm also writing a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month over on my new writing blog.

I look forward to meeting my creativity head on!


Anonymous said...

I can handle the photo a day, but I'm not a writer! Heheheee!

Did you take these shots & I'm guessing that's you. Very cool!

Heather said...

Tricia - Ha! That's okay - I know not everyone is into poetry. Yes, I did take these shots. We have an old pickup truck side-view mirror attached to a tree in our backyard (we like quirky yard art!), and it comes in handy for self-portraits.